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Getting started
1.1 System requirements
To update your maps, you will need the following:
1.       A PC equipped with:
    • Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8)
    • Internet connection
2.       A blank USB memory stick with a capacity of at least 8GB, and formatted for the FAT32 file system.
1.2 Overview
The map update process includes the following steps:
1.       Collecting device information from the navigation system to the USB device.
2.       Installing the Naviextras Toolbox app to your PC.
3.       Using Naviextras Toolbox to get new maps. Depending on the situation, this can mean:
a.       First-time download of an up-to-date map package (Latest Map Guarantee)
b.       Downloading a map package with a digital activation code
c.       Purchasing additional map updates
4.       Transferring the new maps to the navigation system.
5.       (Optional) Checking the map data version on the navigation system.
The following chapters in this guide provide detailed instructions about each step.


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