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Downloading the latest maps for free

Downloading map updates from

Once you have connected your device to Naviextras Toolbox and logged in to your account, you can download map updates. 

  1. Click Naviextras Toolbox installation on the left side of the Naviextras Toolbox window. You can see the new packages available to install.

    Naviextras Toolbox installation 
  2. Click Install.
  3. After the installation, the system displays that the operation was completed successfully. Click OK. Now your device is up-to-date.

    Naviextras Toolbox installation

Transferring downloaded content to the navigation system

After downloading the updates to your USB memory stick, you can transfer them to MG Navigation System. To do this, follow the steps below:

NOTE: During the transfer process, do NOT switch off the vehicles ignition, otherwise you may need to start the process again.

  1. Insert your USB memory stick containing the updates into its slot on the navigation device.
  2. Go to Settings/System and by the Update Navigation field tap Start

    Naviextras Toolbox installation

  3. The system asks you to confirm that you want to update the map contents of the navigation system. Tap Yes.

    Naviextras Toolbox installation

  4. The MG Navigation System notifies you when the update process is complete.
    NOTE: The system may reboot several times during the update process.

    Naviextras Toolbox installation

  5. Exit Synctool and remove the USB memory stick. MG Navigation System now uses the new content.
    NOTE: If the new content seems unavailable during navigation, repeat the installation process.


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